Dr. Azriel Hirschfeld

Dr. Hirschfeld received his B.S. from Yeshiva University and his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has extensive research experience at New York Medical College, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical Center and was appointed a Fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical Center Greenebaum Cancer Center. Dr. Hirschfeld is Board-certified by the American Board of internal medicine in medical oncology, hematology and internal medicine.
Dr. Hirschfeld represents a bridge between today and tomorrow, respecting the history of results that traditional chemotherapeutic treatments can deliver to many patients while working diligently with Dr. Bruckner and other clinicians to explore novel treatments for patients with difficult tumor types that may be resistant to these traditional treatments.
By taking a patient-centric approach to cancer treatment and committing himself to continued research and education, Dr. Hirschfeld is able to always keep the ultimate goal in mind – results that matter to each patient and their family.

Your Health is Our Passion!

We are Hirschfeld Oncology.

A late-stage cancer is incredibly challenging. For those fighting the cancer… and for their family and close friends. There are many tools available to a modern oncologist. A wide variety of tools, therapy combinations, immunotherapies should be considered in the most serious cases.

There are creative, innovative, and safe, and they can deliver highly beneficial results.

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The word of our Chief Practitioner

When I meet a patient, I listen to their words with every fiber of my being. Oftentimes we are about to embark on a momentous journey together to arrest the cancer that is in their body. My patients and I become a team, united in our commitment in confronting this disease.

Dr. Azriel Hirschfeld